Crawl Space Mold Removal

Crawl Space Mold Before and After

Mold in the crawl space is most often found by home inspectors when unsuspecting homeowners go to sell their house.

Once you know it's there, you need it treated fast and you want it done right. 

It's usually from a lack of a good moisture barrier and/or improper ventilation, both cause moisture build up and lead to visible mold growth on the wooden surfaces of the floor joists and subflooring.

How to remove mold from the crawl space?
We use a process that consists of setting up a containment along with air filtration equipment. The area may be "fogged" out with a non-toxic disinfectant to lower the air borne contaminants. We incorporate HEPA vacuuming to remove lose spores on the surface.We also use products to remove the mold stains and scrub as necessary. Afterwards we treat the wood with a disinfectant/antimicrobial. If odors persist, we may gas out the entire space with high levels of ozone.

Can you DIY a mold removal project like this:
We highly recommend not trying to if you don’t know what you’re doing. Mold can make you sick and spread fast! How fast? 1 spore to 100,000 in 12 hours mold tests have shown. We use proper equipment, protective clothing from head to toe, and full face masks with gas respirator cartridges, along with a lot of experience.

Whether you have mold in an attic, basement or a crawl space, our trained mold experts are happy to assist you.

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