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As of 2017 all of our crew leaders have AT LEAST 15 years experience professionally cleaning mold problems,  and helping prevent them from coming back in the future. They are highly trained experts who are:


• Certified mold remediation contractors through MICRO (Mold Inspection, Consulting and Remediation Organization)

Certified Mold Remediation Contractor Certification


• Applied Microbial Restoration Technicians (AMRT) and Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT) through the IICRC

IICRC Certifications


• Certified Lead Safe Renovators

Lead Certified Renovator Certification


• EPA LISTED Lead Certified Firm!

EPA Certified Firm Badge


• Recently Ranked the #1 Mold Company in 2016 in our service area

Best Mold Company


There's not much out there our guys haven't seen. We provide professional mold remediation in a fast and affordable manner backed with a best price guarantee and what many consider THE BEST warranty in the business!

Out of all of our accomplishments, our most proud accomplishment is the fact that we've NEVER had a customer complaint in all of our years of being in business! We treat all of our clients like family because customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority!

ALSO Please Note: Your privacy is a major concern to us. We DO NOT advertise our logo, or  services on our vehicles in any way. We get asked this quite often because of privacy reasons amongst your neighbors. We understand most people don't want all the neighbors to know you have a mold removal company at your house. Our service vehicles are black trucks and black trailers.

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