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Expert Services

We offer cleaning, restoration and remediation services, including:


    • Attic Mold Removal – Cleaning and Remediation


    • Basement Mold Removal – Cleaning and Remediation


    • Crawl Space Mold Removal – Cleaning and Remediation


    • Water Damage Restoration – Flooded? Persistent Leak? Water damaged building materials? We can help dry it out and clean up the mess.


    • Demolition – Some building materials can’t be cleaned or saved. We can help you decide what can stay and remove what should go.


    • Roofing – We are water/moisture experts. We work with the best roofers around to help solve your issues.


    • Waterproofing – We are water/moisture experts. We work with the best waterproofers around to help solve your issues. Waterproofers understand water infiltration pretty well but we understand moisture problems more than the average waterproofers. Things like “first condensing surfaces” (which is when warm moist air condenses on a cold basement wall due to the ambient air in your basement hitting “dewpoint” can pose as a waterproofing issue but it’s actually a moisture issue! Knowing the difference can save you up to 10,000 dollars, possibly more, and most waterproofers don’t even know the difference, so you can’t expect them to tell you!


    • Ventilation – If your roof is older than 15 years old there’s a very good chance you have outdated ventilation.  What’s even worse is some roofers out there are STILL installing those same outdated vents! Roofers are highly trained at properly installing roofing materials to make sure they stop water from getting in, but most don’t even go in your attic to make sure they’re vented correctly. They usually don’t make sure your soffits are open, the bathroom vents are properly vented, or your attic is air sealed and insulated properly. All of these things can greatly improve the lifespan of your roof and the health of your attic.


    • Vapor Barriers – Did you know dirt/gravel crawl spaces are the biggest cause of moisture in the houses? A properly installed vapor barrier can make a huge difference.


    • Duct Cleaning – We work with NADCA certified duct cleaners to help contain and clean your ducts out to a microbial level. Including the unit and condensing pan.


    • Mold Testing – Want to know if what you see is mold and what kind it is? We offer professional testing from accredited labs.


    • Air Testing – Is your air making you sick? We provide Air-O-Cell testing and send it off to labs for analysis to help determine if your air quality may be abnormal.



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